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Luther on Islam

“I am convinced that nothing more irksome and harmful could possibly be done to Mohammed or th Turks (more than all weapons) than the publication among Christians of their Koran.  By reading it Christians may see what an utterly accursed, shameful, wretched book it is–full of lies, fables, and all abominations…..Therefore my kind and Christian petition to you, my gracious and dear sirs, is: Be pleased to allow this book freely to circulate, without hindrance, for the glory of Christ, for the good of Christians, for the harm of the Turks, and to the disgust of the devil.”    What Luther Says, ed. Ewald Plass, p. 961.

“It seems to me it is best to commit oneself to God and, moved by active duty and obedience toward government, to defend oneself as long as, and in whatever way, one is able to do so and not to let oneself be taken prisoner but to slay, shoot, and stab the Turks until we can no longer do so.”  ibid., p. 962.


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