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Two Miracles

But if we are sure and do not doubt that it is his cause and Word, it is certain that our prayer will be heard, tha tthe decision to help us has already been made, that the help has been made ready, and that it cannot fail.  For the Lord says: “Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb?  Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.”

I have recently seen two miracles.  The first was this: When I looked out of my window, I saw the stars in the sky and the whole beautiful vault of heaven, but I saw no pillars on which the Master rested it all.  yet the sky did not fall, adn the vault of heaven still stands fast.  But there are some who look for the pillars and would like to touch and feel them.  And when they are unable to do so, they become alarmed and tremble for fear tha tthe sky will fall down for no other reason than that they cannot feel and see the pillars under it.  If only they could do this, they would be satisfied that the sky is secure.

The second miracle was this: I saw great, thick clouds roll over us, so heavy tha tthey looked like the waves of a great sea.  I saw no ground on which they could rest, nor any tubs to hold them, and yet they did not fall on us but merely threatened us and drifted on.  When the clouds had passed by, I beheld a rainbow–the roof and the floor, as it were, that held them up.  It was such a weak, thin, little floor and roof that it was lost in the clouds.  It looked more like a ray shining through a stained-glass window than a strong floor, and so it was as difficult to believe it was there as to bleieve that the weight of the clouds was suspended there.  Yet it actually happened that this seemingly frail ray held up the wieght of water and protected us.  Some people look at the thickness of the clouds and th eweight of the water more than they consider the thinness and lightness of the ray, and they are therefore afraid.  They would like to feel the strength of the rainbow, and when they cannot do so they fear that the clouds will bring on a deluge. 

…By His Spirit, God will bless and further this work which he has graciously given us to do, and he will find the fitting time, place, and method to help us.  He will neither forget nor forsake us….Our rainbow is frail and their clouds are mighty, but it will appear in the end to whose tune we shall dance.

Luther, “Letter to Gregory Brueck, Aug. 5, 1530”, Luther: Letters of Spiritual Counsel (ed. Theodore G. Tappert), pp. 154-155.

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