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The Eagles are circling

We are working with and among a people whom eagles are circling, ringed in by a church that is ripe for judgment. Yes, divine judgment has already made its beginning in the house of God. Growing delusion and obduracy are the surest indications of the approaching end, at least the end and downfall of the Gospel in our country. . . . . The Church has the calling and capability of saving the lost, of curing corruption. It is not deterring judgment but is rather accelerating the same, for it glosses over, adorns, and promotes the sin that is sending people to ruin.

George Stoeckhardt, quoted in “Karl Georg Stoeckhardt: His Life and Labor to Preserve Walther’s Legacy”, by Dan Woodring*


*Yes, he became a papist, and yes, if he ever sees this he will gnash his teeth and slander Christ, the Gospel, and faithful teachers of the church.  This should probably serve as a warning for Lutheran pastors with a high view of the liturgy and the sacrament of the altar.

But the point is the quote, which is true of the United States and the churches in it….and the Missouri Synod should rouse itself before its sclerosis becomes irreversible.

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