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The Monstrous Regiment of Women in Denmark and the Necrosis of European Self-Loathing in the UK


03 March 2012 6:31 PM

Fireman Sam and the day freedom went up in smoke

This is Peter Hitchen’s Mail on Sunday comment

Children must come first – no matter how clever you are
AY80915530MANCHESTER ENGLANNo British politician would have dared to say this revolting thing – though it’s what they think – but the Danish premier, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, can.
She thinks it a waste of well-educated women to bring up their own children.
Ms Thorning-Schmidt, daughter-in-law of Neil and Glenys Kinnock, believes paid strangers do a much better job of bringing up children than high-powered persons such as her. And so that is what must happen.
What a fool. When she is a forgotten footnote in a book of Danish history, her children will live on, never having experienced the special and undivided selfless attention that only a parent can give to a child.
Raising the next generation is a far more responsible and important task than being the chief executive of a minor Euro-province which is mainly governed from Brussels anyway. The more educated the parent is, the better she (or he if you like) will do that job.
And then perhaps she might wonder, as she looks back on her life, if all the Cabinet meetings and pictures of herself standing next to Angela Merkel are any compensation for the fact that her children grew up without her.

…Here are the most sinister and hopeless words I have ever read: ‘I was told that we now live in a different time and some things are not to be said.’ They should be carved on the tombstone of the Country Formerly Known as Great Britain. They are as near as we will get to an exact moment at which it became clear our free, happy past is gone for ever. We grew up in another country, and because we did not guard it, or even see the danger, we have lost it, and our children will live in a censored twilight. They were spoken – apparently by a police officer – to David Jones, author of the Fireman Sam books. Mr Jones had been detained for speaking words that only a stone-faced totalitarian, wholly devoid of a sense of humour or proportion, could have objected to. Here are the words: ‘If I was wearing this scarf over my face, I wonder what would happen.’ Here is the context. Mr Jones was passing through the officious farce known as airport security, in which surly persons pretend to watch out for terrorists, and we pretend to take them seriously. A Muslim woman wearing a face veil had gone through the screen ahead of Mr Jones, had not set off the alarm, and had not been stopped. … (at one Texas airport, there is a recorded announcement warning that it is an offence to make jokes about security). I also know, because I read and hear so many stories, just how the Equality and Diversity Inquisition is rapidly turning into a full-on Thought Police in workplaces, schools and public buildings. Sooner or later, they are going to get me too. At this rate, I think it will be sooner. What Mr Jones was actually doing was to behave like a free man, instead of the cowed subject of a monitored surveillance state in which most of what we think can no longer be said, and every miserable snitch, snoop and sneak has the power to ruin his neighbour’s life. I’ll carry on defying it for as long as I can, but how long will that be?

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