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Your sins are taken away from you by Christ and destroyed forever.

HT: http://weedon.blogspot.com/2012/03/article.html

In the third place: That this may be done in us, God, our dear Lord, sends diseases, even death unto us, not as if He were angry with us and meant to destroy us, but out of His great mercies, because He desires to lead us to true repentance and faith in this life, and finally to deliver us from sin that still besets us, and from all evil, both bodily and spiritual; as the Holy Scriptures testify.  For thus St. Paul says 1 Cor. 11: When we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world. …

In the fourth place: Since this is a truth, and since you have been most certainly assured out of the Holy Gospel, preached to you through the mouth of the Son of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, and verified by His death and resurrection, that all your sins have been put away from you upon Christ, yea, also from Christ are taken away, every one of them, and destroyed forever; And since thus in the sight of God there is no more ground left for wrath and condemnation, but only grace, comfort, life, and salvation for the believers; and since then God our dear Lord now looks upon you not as a wicked, condemned sinner, born of Adam, but as upon a perfectly just, holy, dear child in Christ, in whose righteousness and life you, in believing it, shall live and be saved eternally, as certainly and truly as He has borne the wrath of God, and has not died in His own sins, but in yours: Do then give heed and receive comfort in such grace, and be assured that sin, God’s judgment, death, and hell have no longer anything to do with you; but Christ, the only Lamb of God, bears them, who has not only taken them upon Himself, but also  overcome them by Himself and destroyed them forever.  Through and in this your Lord Jesus Christ, therefore, you shall confidently expect of God the Father, every grace and comfort, redemption and salvation, and in this comforting confidence you shall give yourself to His gracious will and say: The Lord is my light, whom shall I fear?  My Father in heaven, thy will be done.  Into Thy hands I commend my spirit.  Amen.


The long forgotten translator is this guy–August Crull.  Now we see at least one precedent for Pres. Harrison’s giantic mustache within confessional Lutheranism:

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