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Memorial Moment: Keeping Pastors Humble.


Boy, what an excellent devotion from Pastor Scott Murray in Houston Texas.


The ministry of Christ overturns our human expectations again and again. This is clearly seen by His willingness to suffer and die on the cross of Calvary for miserable sinners like us. The ministry that the Lord Himself confers upon His church through those who are the properly called and ordained servants of the Word also must be shaped like the His ministry. His lot was persecution, blasphemy, mistreatment, vicious beatings, and finally an ignominious execution on the tree. Therefore the lot of His minister is also persecution, curses, mistreatment, vicious beatings, and finally, in some cases, an ignominious execution.

While overt persecution against Christians seems to be growing here and throughout the world, perhaps the more difficult persecution to face is that which is perpetrated against us by those who consider themselves our friends. Pastors and the faithful are often attacked by those who think they have the best interests of the holy church at heart. They are often just ignorant or are suffering great weakness of faith. Sometimes they attack pastors merely because they can; it gives them a sense of self-control and power, especially if they find themselves in a situation in life where they are powerless, such as a broken marriage, struggles at work, or economic struggles. People project their anger and frustration against those whom they think have no power to retaliate, such as pastors and other church leaders. This is called “triangulation” and it explains a lot of conflict in the church.

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