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Prayer for the Church and Against her Enemies–Luther.

264.  Prayer for the Church and against her Enemies.

Almighty, eternal, merciful God and Father of our beloved Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  We see and feel how it goes for Your Church in this life—what kind of success she has, and how she is plagued in so many ways by the devil and the world.  Therefore we pray You, for the sake of Your only-begotten Son, first that You would comfort and strengthen our hearts with Your Holy Spirit, so that we would not be overwhelmed by many great dangers still lying in wait for us.  Secondly, we pray that You would also not hinder all the designs and plots of the enemy, but instead with Your faithful and wonderful deliverance make known, declare, and demonstrate, that You provide for the Church,  govern her, defend, preserve, and save her; You who live and reign, one eternal God, God Father, God Son, God Holy Ghost, from everlasting to everlasting.  Amen.

Dr. Martin Luther (1483-1546)

Evangelische-Lutherischer Gebets-Schatz


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