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Sola Scriptura: Its Necessity for Surviving the Onslaughts of the Devil

From Luther’s Sermon on the Second Sunday after Trinity in his Church Postil.

Here in this Gosple lesson, as everywhere in the Scriptures, we are to be careful that we grasp, as well as we can, the true, simple meaning, as we have often heard, and establish our hearts and consciences in that meaning.  For whoever will contend with Satan, dare not waver and sway hither and thither, but must be convinced of his cause and be armed with clear sure written documents, for if the devil gets him on his fork through his unsettled notions, he will then toss him here and there as the wind does a dry leaf.

Therefore we must here in this Gospel grasp its true meaning, in which we may be able to stand.  It is not to be understood as referring to the holy Sacrament or the bread of the altar, to which the Papists have pulled it as it were by the hair on holy Corpus Christi day, along with many other passages of Scripture, which have not in a single letter any reference or very little to that Sacrament.  But the meaning and substance of the text is that while the Gospel is preached and published in all the world, few people accept it.  And it is here called a supper or an evening meal, because the Gospel shall be the last word or doctrine that will usher in the end of the world….

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