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Corrections: “I fall asleep in Jesus’ wounds”

Tut mir leid.

For some reason, people keep reading the post I wrote on Eber‘s hymn “In Christi Wunden Schlaf Ich Ein”.  In that post I trashed Zinzendorf and went on about the inferiority of his theology in “Jesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness.” Well, I have to retract much of my criticism in the post.  Unfortunately much of what I wrote just reflects that I was a neophyte and had not read hymnody in German (and barely understood German).

I realized this last night when I was looking at a hymn by one of my favorite hymn writers (probably

Johann Olearius, who rescued me with the Gospel, even in English translation a few hundred years after he died.

my absolute favorite): Johann Olearius.  One of his hymns that I think is untranslated has a line similar to Zinzendorf’s (although Olearius came first):  “Dein Blut, mein Schmuck, mein Ehrenkleid, Dein Unschuld und Gerechtigkeit, Macht, dass ich kann vor Gott bestehn, Und zu der Himmelsfreud eingehn.”  [Zinzendorf’s was–Christi, dein Blut und G’rechtigkeit/ Das ist mein Schmuck und Ehrenkleid…”]  Admittedly, Zinzendorf’s hymn, which borrows from a long history of Lutheran hymns, does not deserve to be the famous one.  However any comments I made about the inferiority of the lines themselves…I’d have to look at it again.  I can’t stand by them.

One place I was surely wrong was saying that “Ehrenkleid” means “wedding dress”, not “glorious dress.”  No, “Ehrenkleid” literally means “glorious dress.”  I think I thought it was “wedding dress” because “Ehefrau” means “wedded-wife.”

In the future I’ll try to be more circumspect so I don’t have to retract things.


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