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My Son on Insects

This morning I was very tired and my son was in my bed talking to his mother.  She said, “Stink, did you tell Dad what we found out about lightning bugs?”  He didn’t want to have to explain it.  So she told me.  Lightning bugs apparently live underground for 2 years as grubs.  Then they come out and fly around during the summer for about 3 weeks, mate, and die.

The reason they were telling me this was because the other night we were catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar, and my son put a crabapple in the jar.  I said, “Why did you do that?”  He said, “So the lightning bugs will have something to eat.”  I said, “Lightning bugs don’t eat crabapples.  They eat other bugs.”

But I think what they were telling me this morning was that they don’t eat anything at all for the few wekks of their lives.  I’m not 100 percent sure on that, though, because I was pretty tired.

So I was saying, “So basically lightning bugs spend two years underground in order to spend two weeks flying around with glowing butts in a big lightning bug summer of love.”  My son said: “Dad, lightning bugs don’t have butts.  They have rear ends.”

Then later on I was eating french toast at the breakfast table, and there was a little ant crawling on the table, which I killed.  Then a few minutes later there was another one.  I said, “When did all these ants get into the house?  Son, ask these ants what they think they’re doing.”

He said, “I don’t speak ant.”

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