Prayer during Satan’s Lynchings

397.  Prayer during Satan’s Lynchings (Anfechtungen)

–Sigismund Schererz, (1584-1639), Superintendent of Lüneberg, Germany. 

From his book Seelen-Arznei und Spiegel der geistlichen Anfechtungen.  (Soul-Medicine and Mirror of Spiritual Lynchings/ Assaults/ Trials)

Oh Lord, how many are my spiritual foes, who set themselves against me!  They say to my soul that it has no help in You [Psalm 3:1-2].  Rescue me; and thus I will not be afraid of many hundreds of thousands of wicked spirits which desire to frighten my soul [Psalm 3:6].  In You, Lord, I trust; let me not be put to shame, and deliver me, so that my pursuer the devil must turn back and not seize my soul like a lion and tear it into pieces, while there is none to deliver [Psalm 7:1-2].  Lord Christ, arouse yourself because of the rage of my enemies, who have dug a pit for me [Ps. 7:15] so that I might rot in it.  Look upon my misery, and lift me up from the gates of death that I may show forth Your praise [Psalm 9:13-14] and so that the ancient serpent might be cast into hell [Revelation 20:2-3].


Lord, hide not Yourself from me, because the evil spirit deals presumptuously with me, he lies in

Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas, ...

Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas, folio 270 recto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wait for me like a lion in his den, and plots wicked tricks, that he might seize me [Ps. 10:2, 9]; he bends his bow and shoots his fiery darts secretly into my anguished heart [Ps. 11:2, Eph. 6:16].  Enlighten my eyes, so that I will not be blinded by the spirit of hell and die in my sins; do not let this enemy of mine  boast that he has mastered me, nor this adversary brag that I lie on my face beneath him [Ps. 13: 4].  He desires my soul like a lion his prey [Ps. 17:9], he stands against me and terrifies me.  O God, because of this, preserve me under the shadow of Your wings [Ps. 17:8].  Let me not be cheated by the  ancient, crafty serpent.  Preserve my soul, and deliver me [Psalm 25:20] ; when the evil spirits desire me, to devour me, so let them run at me and fall [Ps. 27: 2].  Hide me in Your pavilion against their wrath [Ps. 27:5].  Do not remain silent while I cry so fervently to you, lest I go down into hell [Ps. 28: 1] ; know my soul in this great anguish [Psalm 31: 7] and contend with those who contend against me [Ps. 35:1].  Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.” [Ps. 35: 3]  Let Satan become as the chaff before the wind, with the angel of the Lord chasing him away with blows [Ps. 35:5], because he intended to pierce my heart with sorrow.  May he be brought to ruin and destruction upon me.


Because You are my God and strength:


 e’en though the world with demons teems,

who’d feast themselves upon me,

their plots indeed shall not succeed

while you are standing with me.   


Lord, create peace in my soul, because the prince of this world stands against me.  God be gracious to me, because the evil spirit wants to sink me and declares war against me daily; get glory for yourself, and scatter my bodily and spiritual enemies.  Rebuke the devil, so that he flees from me.  O Christ, You good and faithful shepherd, Who redeemed me from the devil’s reign with Your precious blood, deliver my soul from the throat of the hellish wolf.  Let Your grace be my comfort; bring me out of the anguish of my heart.  Let Your good Spirit give me joy, that I may praise Your saving wonders and might thank You for Your deliverance.  Amen.



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