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Prayer on the Fifth and Sixth Sundays after Trinity

103.  Prayer on the Fifth Sunday after Trinity

O Jesus Christ, Son of the living God!  You have given us Your dear Word and gifted us with all manner of bodily blessings.  We recognize that we are unworthy of all of them and that we well deserve irritations and troubles.  We pray You that You would forgive us our sins, like Peter, and lend us fortune and prosperity for our callings, so that we, under Your protection and receiving from You both temporal and eternal gifts, may magnify and praise You in eternity.  Amen.

104.  Prayer on the 6th Sunday after Trinity. 

O Lord God, heavenly Father, we confess with sorrow that we are poor, miserable sinners, and that there is nothing good in us at all.  Our hearts, our flesh and blood, are totally poisoned with sinful desire so that we are never free from it.  Therefore, dear Father, forgive us this sin which dwells in us, and purify our hearts through Your Holy Spirit, so that we desire Your word and love it, that we thereafter might keep it, and through Christ might remain in your grace forever.  Amen.


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