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Prayer for a New Life after receiving the Holy Supper

327.  Prayer after Receiving the Holy Supper: About New Obedience (Riegisches Gebetbuch)

Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz

Gracious God and Father, You have forgiven all my sins out of mercy and received me into grace for the sake of Christ, Your beloved Son.  I have also promised, with all my heart, to be serious about improving my way of living and to become more pious.  Oh Lord and God, a person’s doings are not within his power—how he walks and orders his way—and also the thoughts of a man’s heart are evil all the days of his life.  But you can guide him and lead him in Your fear, as it pleases You.  So I pray You: give me a new heart, that I would become an enemy of sin from the bottom of my heart.  Let the fear of You sanctify me ,that I live a different and more pious life in holiness and righteousness, pleasing to You.  Don’t allow me to forget Your grace and promises, and help that I may fight earnestly against my flesh and blood and all evil desire, and not fall again into new sin and vice.  Before me stand life and death (Deut. 30:19); please let me choose life, and run zealously after the prize, that I may lay hold of it and not disqualify myself (1 Corinthians 9: 24-27).  Teach me to do according to Your good pleasure, so that I live righteously and godly in this world and wait for the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ (Titus 2:12-13).  Amen. 

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