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Burying a church….continued

Today I looked at Pr. Fiene’s facebook page where he linked to the article I copied yesterday, and a bunch of pastors chimed in saying they knew exactly what this guy was talking about.  Then Pr. Harold Senkbeil–the man who preached at my ordination–chimed in with a gem.

I repost it particularly for burdened pastors and for any members of my congregation who may read these things.

A heartfelt, painful, yet beautifully written peace from an anonymous friend. http://thehighmidlife.blogspot.com/2012/08/burying-church.html
The High Mid Life: Burying a Church
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    • Hans Fiene ‎*piece*
    • Alissa Ulmer That’s beautiful.
    • Hans Fiene I concur.
    • Brett Snider And yet *peace* works just the same with the article
    • Dan Dahling very well written
    • Jason Harris This sounds extremely familiar from my first call. I like to think that I was providing hospice care and shepherding the congregation through the grieving process.
    • Jared Hartman Thank you for posting this, Pastor.
    • Harold L. Senkbeil We need to hear this.  The comfortable world we have known for far too long is collapsing everywhere.  The church cannot hitch her wagon to the star of the prevailing spirit of the age; she needs to be both trans-cultural and counter cultural in a world that has lost its heart.  Yet if congregations appear dead or dying, there still is hope.  We serve a God who raises the dead, and His Word never returns to Him void.  From the collapse of the late antique world came the age of faith – which was not without its own idols.  Faithfulness and courage are twin ingredients in mission.  We are “given” men, not “driven.”  As this brother points out, we can’t whip people into repentance, but God Himself accomplishes it by His Spirit.  …that in these grey and latter days there may be those whose song is praise, each life a high doxology unto the Holy Trinity.
    • Jerry Kliner My first parish was very much like this…  They really wanted to “close”…  They were too tired, but also too possessive.  Like the obsessed man who cries “If “I” can’t have her, no one else will either!” they struggled for control even against Jesus.  They would, quite literally, rather the congregation cease than give up even a modicum of control.  In the end, I had to shake the proverbial dust from my feet and move on.  But I will forever be “their Pastor” and still grieve for that parish…even nine years later.
    • Jason Schockman ‎@Senkbeil  You always manage to work that hymn text in…I love it.
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