Morning Prayer for Friday


43.  Morning Prayer for Friday

Marburger Gesangbuch (Marburg Hymnal….1700s)

In Your Name, Lord Jesus Christ the crucified, I, a poor sinner now have risen.  As the true, patient little lamb to the slaughter, You suffered the most painful death on the tree of the cross for me, and with Your rose-red blood have redeemed me from all my sins, death, devil, and hell.  Rule my heart through Your Holy Spirit.  Refresh it with the heavenly dew of Your grace.  Preserve me in your grace with Your divine love this day, and bury me, body and soul, in Your holy wounds.  Wash me clean of all my sins, keep me in all good works, and lead me out of the vale of tears of this world into the eternal joy and glory of Your kingdom, You faithful Savior Jesus Christ, my only comfort, hope, and life.  Amen.

From Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz (Evangelical Lutheran Prayer-Treasury, the Missouri Synod’s gigantic German prayer book)

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