Evening Blessing: Tuesday

31.  Another.  [Tuesday Evening-Blessing]

originally from Marburger Gesangbuch (Marburg Hymnal–probably from the 1700s)

 transl. from Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz (Evangelical Lutheran Prayer-Treasury, the massive German prayer book of the Missouri Synod from the 19th century.)

O eternal, merciful, and rich God in heaven!  Out of great grace and fatherly care you have allowed me to finish another day safe and sound.  In return, I thank You from the bottom of my heart, as is meet and right.  But sadly, I have not spent this day to Your praise and honor and to the profit of my neighbor, since my ruined human nature always inclines to the evil instead of the good.  Oh faithful God, help me because of this—so that I, begotten of sinful seed, would recognize my frailty and, so doing, partake of Your divine grace instead of relying on my own strength.  Teach me, that I often remember my end and prepare myself for it in true repentance.  Then, when it draws near, I will be comforted and blessed, separated from the misery of this world and seated with all believing Christians in the heavenly Paradise.  Meanwhile, for as long as I have left on earth, be pleased to receive me into Your almighty protection, and graciously protect and preserve me against all injury and danger to body and soul, for the sake of Christ, Your beloved Son.  Amen.

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