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Short Prayer against the Deadly Arrows of Satan

398.  Short Prayer against Satan’s Deadly Arrows

Georg Schimmer (Preacher in Wittenberg, 1652-1695, from Biblisches Seelen-Kleinod)

(trans. September 5, 2012)


I thank You, my dear Lord Jesus Christ, that You came as a stronger man to overcome the armed strong man St. Luke 11:21-22, that You took his shield and armor on which he relied, threw out the prince of this world and robbed him of his kingdom, and have made a public show of him together with all my enemies Col. 2:15.  Oh, You Whom I love with my whole heart, Lord Jesus Christ!  I pray You: mightily control and fight the damned shameful filth of hell [Schandunflath], that he may not plunge me into presumption and despair Small Catechism, 7th Pet. of Lord’s Prayer, nor wound me with his deadly arrows—the appearance of things apart from God’s revealed Word, nor make me discouraged and faint of heart on account of my weakness of faith or other reasons.  Oh dearest Savior, grant me power and strength, that I may overcome and deflect all of his fiery dartsEph. 6:16 and murderous arrows Ps. 11:2, 64:3-4, and through You receive the crown of life Rev. 2:10 and the unfading wreath of glory1 Peter 5:4 in life eternal.  Amen.

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