The Movie that Got the Ambassador Killed

I briefly started to look at the movie that is causing all the riots.  “The Innocence of Muslims.”

I don’t mind criticizing Islam. As a matter of fact, I don’t mind criticism of Christianity.  Frequently this kind of criticism is false and full of half truths.  But when people lie and tell half-truths about Christianity, I know that fair-minded people will eventually find out the truth.  The rabble of course will listen to any kind of evil story it wants to believe.

I guess we could say the man who made it had a right to do it.  I watched all of two minutes and was disgusted; it was lewd and it was along the lines of a minstrel show.  That’s not the kind of freedom of speech I want to be fighting for.

Well, I hate KFC too. But where does Allah say that if he gets blasphemed you should take it out on a fast food restaurant? If it does say that in the Quran, I’m kind of jealous.

Still, when riots are touched off by a movie as obviously idiotic as that one, it at least partly looks like Muslims are looking for an excuse.

Then again, who knows.  Maybe if someone had made a movie about Jesus like that 200 years ago, our grandparents would have rioted.  But they just did make a movie about Jesus like that when I was a little kid, “The Last Temptation of Christ.”  And I think some nuns stood on a picket line, but I’m pretty sure no one was killed.

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