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Prayers for the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Sundays after Trinity

114.  Prayer on the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. Johann Eichorn (1511-1564) from Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz,  September 14, 2012

Lord God, heavenly Father! You allowed Your Son to become man so that first He might atone for our sins with His death, and afterwards bring us out of eternal death.  We pray You, therefore, preserve us in this hope, so that we may by no means doubt that just as our dear Lord Christ woke up the widow of Nain’s son through His Word, that He will wake us up in the same way on the last day, and give us eternal blessedness.  Amen.

115.  Prayer on the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.

Lord God, heavenly Father!  We pray that You would so govern and lead us through Your Holy Spirit, that we would keep ourselves in Your fear, and not become haughty, but rightly keep the Sabbath day holy by hearing and receiving Your Word with our whole heart, so that we too might be made holy.  Sanctify us therefore, so that first of all we place all our trust and hope in Your Son, Jesus Christ, that He is alone is our righteousness and redemption; and afterward that we also improve our life according to Your Word.  Protect us from all causes of offense, until, by Your grace, we come to everlasting blessedness.  Amen.

116.  Prayer on the 18th Sunday after Trinity.


O Lord God, heavenly Father!  We are truly poor, miserable sinners.  We know Your will, but we are much too weak and cannot fulfill it; Flesh and blood is too strong. In addition, our enemy the devil constantly stirs the pot and never allows us to be content.  Therefore we pray that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit in our hearts, that we may abide in firm faith in your son, Jesus Christ, comfort ourselves with His death and dying, believe in the full forgiveness of all sins through Him, and so live holy lives here on earth according to Your will and in obedience to You, and in Your grace through Jesus Christ die a blessed death.  Amen.


117.  Prayer on the 19th Sunday after Trinity.

Almighty, eternal God, You graciously let the paralyzed man be delivered in body and soul by Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I pray You of Your bottomless mercy: be gracious to me also.  Strengthen my faith through Your Word and Holy Spirit, and lead me, so that I do not cause sickness and other misfortune to come upon me and my neighbors through sin, but that I would instead keep myself in Your fear, and thus be free of temporal and eternal punishment.  Amen.  Johannes Eichorn (1511-1564)




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