Are our leaders in touch with reality in foreign policy?

An editorial in the Christian Science Monitor on September 12 called on Muslims to “assert their faith’s teachings of peace and mercy as the answer to such hate”:

        While Muslims worldwise may be angered by acts of religious bigotry, most know that killing in the name of Islam is hardly favorable to Islam…Yet Muslim fears of blasphemy remain strong…Each violent response should compel Muslims to assert Islam’s teaching of tolerance…Until enough peace-minded Muslims stand up for an interpretation of Islam that sees freedom as necessary for the flourishing of faith, these governments will continue their campaigns of intolerance or wink approval at mobs of zealots.

This article is full of the same nonsense parroted in other mainstream media.  It is taken as axiomatic that Islam teaches peace, mercy, and tolerance.  Writing seven decades ago, Arthur Jeffery dismissed as “the sheerest sophistry” the same tendency apparent among some Western scholars in his own time.  He understood that that the “peace” that Muslim believers are called upon to implement is impossible unless it is established under hegemonic Islamic rule.

The editorial in the Christian Science Monitor asserts that Muslims fear blasphemy, without explaining what Muslims mean by that word–any irreverent behavior toward persons, objects, rites, and beliefs that Muslims revere.  To put it succinctly, violating sharia is blasphemous.  Not accepting the divine origin of the Koran is blasphemous.  Applying hte standards of natural morality to Muhammad’s career is blasphemous.  Resisting the imposition of sharia is blasphemous.  In the end, being a non-Muslim is blasphemous.

The expectation that “enough peace-loving Muslims” will stand up “for an interpretation of Islam that sees freedom as necessary for the flourishing of faith” is absurd.  Orthodox, mainstream Islam demands total, abject submission to the word of Allah and to the example of his prophet.  Any other “interpretation of Islam” is heresy and disbelief.  But willful self-deception continues.  The Western media began to call on “peace-loving Muslims” to stand up to their murderous coreligionists right after September 11, and they will continue to do so even if Manhattan is vaproized in a mushroom cloud.

In the video made to introduce himself to Libyans shortly before he took up his post as ambassador, Christopher Stevens said he was looking forward to his assignment “as we work together to build a free, democratic, prosperous Libya.”  As a fluent Arabic speaker with two previous tours of duty in Libya, if he believed what he said he was an imprudent man.  His diary indicates that he eventually came to see reality, but by then it was too late.

Srdja Trifkovic, “The Blowback”, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture (November 2012), p. 41.

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