Taking Sense Away


Details of Plot Sent in by:
A. Terrorist

Dear TSA,

As-salamu alaykum. I don’t believe any further introduction is necessary, but just in case you’re not in razor-sharp airport security form today:

I am, quite frankly, a terrorist. Just one of the many terrorists that you so courageously and effectively deter in your day-to-day advanced counter terrorist mission at the airport.

Today I write to you in order to tell you that you shall never be forgiven for your latest upset of our plans. Allow me to give you some background, which you probably do not need, given your superlative intelligence gathering capabilities, but still.

The iPad plot that my brothers and I had so meticulously crafted over the past year and attempted, several times, to put into motion,  was multi-tiered, very complex; so ingenious as never to be anticipated. So crazy…that it might have…

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  1. December 27, 2012 at 2:02 pm

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