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Prayers for Sexagesima and Quinquagesima

van gogh sower77.  Prayer on the Sunday of Sexagesima

Lord God, heavenly Father, we thank You that You have sown Your blessed Word among us through Your Son, Jesus Christ.  We beseech You that You would so prepare our hearts through Your Holy Spirit that we would hear this Word with diligence, keep it in noble and good hearts, and with patience bring forth fruit.  Mercifully grant that we may not be choked by sins, but that by Your merciful help we smother them.  In every kind of danger may Your grace and eternal consolation hold us steady and give us sure comfort.  Amen.  Johannes
Eichorn, 1511-1564

78.  Prayer on the Sunday of Estomihi (Quinquagesima)

Lord God, heavenly Father, Who graciously opened the eyes of the blind man through Your Son, Jesus Christ, and let the Light be seen, we poor sinners beseech You that You would enlighten our hearts through Your blessed Word, that we would learn to know You rightly through Christ, Your Son, Who died for us on the cross and paid for our sins.  Mercifully grant us in all distresses and attacks of Satan to look only at Your gracious help and Your tender-hearted mercy, seek them by a prayer uttered in faith, and thus find solace and rescue from the devil, sin, and death, and be numbered among the blessed.  Amen.  Johannes Eichorn, 1511-1564

(2013 translation)


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