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Prayer in Sickness. Eisenach Hymnal (1760). Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz

P1030983456.  Prayer in Sickness.

Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz

(Eisenach Hymnal.  1760)


Merciful and righteous God, You are Lord of health and sickness, of life and death.  I acknowledge before you with a sincere heart that I have justly deserved this present visitation from You by the way I have so greatly misused the many days of health and prosperity which You have granted me in the past.  O Lord, I desire from my heart to receive this punishment for my sins from Your hand, and to bear the anger of the Lord, for I have sinned against You.  O gracious and merciful Father, when You chasten You do not desire to destroy but to improve; I beseech You, that You would therefore sanctify me through this chastisement so that, through this illness, my body might become, by your grace, a means to my soul’s health.


Heal my soul, O Lord, which has sinned against You, and then, when it is Your holy will, heal my body also, and help that I may from now on live my life to Your praise, and bear fruit befitting repentance.


But should You, in Your wisdom, have determined otherwise—that this sickness should be unto death, then I beseech You: prepare me and make me fit for death.  Grant me heartfelt and unfeigned repentance, to which You have promised Your grace and forgiveness.  Withdraw my heart from the world and all its vanities, which are passing away, and give me longing and yearning for Your glorious and imperishable treasures, which belong everlastingly to Your righteous ones.


Lord, lift up the light of Your countenance upon me.  Let Your comfort quicken me in all my pains of body and in all the agonies of my soul, so that I may be courageous and wait patiently until things change for me.  Grant, O Lord, that when my earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, I may have an eternal habitation built by God, a house not made with hands, which is eternal in heaven.  Grant this for the sake of Him Who bought purchased me with His priceless blood, namely, for Jesus Christ’s sake.  Amen.

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