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Prayer of a Person desiring to go to confession for the sake of the holy Absolution. Gebets-Schatz

454pxWiblingenbeichtstuhl1298.  Prayer of a person who wants to go to private confession and desires the holy Absolution.

Lord Jesus Christ, my Redeemer!  You have bequeathed to Your beloved church here on earth and her faithful butlers (servants; ministers) the holy Office of the Keys with the promise attached to it, that what they  in the power of this office will loose or bind shall also be loosed or bound in heaven.  For such a grace-rich means and instrument of Your Spirit, I declare Your eternal laud, glory, and praise.  I beseech You from the bottom of my heart: since as a poor, bound sinner, I am  in need of this comforting loosing-key, and so that I will not be held in the fetters of the jailwarden of hell, let it come upon me through my Christian father-confessor, and for the sake of Your blood and death graciously release and acquit me from all my sins.  Lend me Your Holy Spirit alongside of the holy Absolution, that I may take hold of it in genuine repentance, unwavering confidence, good purpose [to amend my life], brotherly love, and thankfulness, and finally come to everlasting blessedness in heaven.  Amen.

–Sigismund Scherertz (1584-1639)—Superintendent at Lueneburg (Germany)



Seelen-Arznei und Spiegel der geistlichen Anfechtungen  (Soul-Medicine and Mirror of Spiritual Afflictions)

From Evangelische-Lutherischer Gebets-Schatz

  1. Rev. Robert Mayes
    May 6, 2014 at 10:44 am


    I would like bibliographic information on this book and this prayer to use in a paper. Thanks

    • May 7, 2014 at 9:30 pm

      It’s found in Ev. Lutherische Gebets-Schatz which you can find on google books. Then on the table of contents it has the book that it would have come from. But if you want I can look it up.

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