Lord Snowman

calvin-and-hobbes-snowmen-6My son and my wife made a snowman the other day when we got half a foot or so of snow.  When I got home he showed it to me out of the window.

“See, it has a carrot nose and a charcoal mouth and eyes.”

I said, “Is it charcoal, or lava rock from the garden?”

He said, “It’s charcoal.  Mom chopped up charcoal in the garage with your hatchet.”

“It looks like the snow packed pretty well.”

“Yeah, it was really good packing snow.  Also, see how it has a top hat?”

“Yes.  The hat has a lot of snow on it.”

“Well, after I put the top hat on it, you know what me and Mom decided to call it?”


“Lord Snowman.”

Then his mom told me the story later.  “Yeah, after we finished making it and put the hat on it, he looks at me and says, ‘Well.  Would you like to call him ‘Lord Snowman?'”

At first I sort of thought this was like “Lord Krishna”.  But he meant an English lord, like “Lord Henry, Duke of Snowdon, Earl Gloucestershire”.

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