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Vigil of Easter Sermon, 2013.

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russ. easter-procession-1915Vigil of Easter (Baptism of John, Carolina, Hailey S and Trina G, Confirmation of John, Carolina, and Trina)

St. Peter Lutheran Church

4 readings for Vigil: Creation, Flood, Red Sea, Fiery Furnace/ John 20

Some thoughts and some words taken from Rev. Christopher Esget’s vigil sermon from 2011(?) on historiclectionary.com

March 30, 2013

Jesu juva!


Alleluia!  Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!  Alleluia!


Tonight God unveils before us His great mystery, which was planned before the world’s creation, but revealed in the sight of men and angels on this night when Jesus Christ our Lord rose from the dead.


It was the Son of God through whom the world was made, through Whom every good thing came into being.


It was through the Son that Adam was formed from earth, the Spirit breathed into him and he became a living being .  It was through the eternal Son that Adam’s side was opened, a rib removed and made his bride.


It was through the Son that Noah was told to build an ark, so that the world that was corrupted might not be utterly destroyed, but Noah and his family preserved and the earth begun again.


It was through the Son that the Red Sea opened and the Israelites passed over in safety, but their enemies perished.


It was the Son who stood in the midst of the fiery furnace with the three young men, so that their clothes and hair were not singed and there was no smell of smoke upon them.


All these were pictures in which the great mystery of God was hidden, which is revealed today.


The eternal Son was swallowed up by death.  He was flooded and drowned by the ocean of God’s anger.  He was overwhelmed by God’s wrath for us and perished.  He was laid in the heart of the earth in our tomb.


And at the setting of the sun on the 7th day He was raised from the dead.  He came forth from the fiery furnace; He came out of the ark like Noah into a new earth.  He began the new creation.


He arose after descending to hell, tearing apart its gates, proclaiming that human beings are ransomed from the demons.


So rejoice tonight!


Rejoice, Hailey, because you have become a child of the garden of Eden.  You have been born again in the Son of God who made the earth, in the Son of Man who was laid swaddled in the manger.


Rejoice, John, because God has closed you in His ark that sails over the waters of His condemnation.  He has plunged you into Jesus, who died and is risen.


Rejoice, Carolina, because you have been drawn out of the waters and your enemies have been drowned.  You have been baptized into Christ..


Rejoice, Trina, because you have been delivered from the fire by one like a Son of Man.  You are clothed with Christ, and nothing can harm you.


Rejoice!   He gives you the fruit of the tree of life—His body, hung on the cross, His blood, poured out for the remission of your sins.


Rejoice, all you whose innocence has been lost, because tonight it is restored.


Rejoice, you who have squandered your lives, for today He invites you to buy wine and milk without money, without price.


Rejoice, you who were baptized long ago, your garments are still white and new.


Rejoice.  The Lord kills the fatted calf and celebrates with all his sons—tonight He spreads His table for everyone.  Rings and robes for the prodigal sons who come home, wine and feasting for the older brothers.


Rejoice, because this is the night when Christ, the life, arose from the dead.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

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