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The Welfare of the City of our Exile

Bmurgan salemut seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.  Jeremiah 29:7


written transcript here: http://www.memritv.org/clip_transcript/en/3807.htm


Interviewer: Today, we will be talking about the Boston bombings, which took place yesterday, during the marathon….What is your analysis of what happened?

Murgan Salem: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Obviously, I do not know who carried out that operation, but if it was done by the mujahideen, it serves as a message to America and the West: We are still alive. Contrary to what you say, we have not died…

Interviewer: But do you think that this could have been an Al-Qaeda operation?

Murgan Salem: No. this was not up to the standards of Al-Qaeda. It was extremely amateurish. The standards of Al-Qaeda are much higher. … I do not know who did it, but they have managed to get the message across: We can reach you whenever and wherever we want.


I do not rule out the possibility that this was carried out by people born in the U.S. I do exclude the possibility that it was done by the Al-Qaeda organization…. I think it was done by people resentful of the policy and arrogance of America and Europe. It is not just America.

The Americans have passed their arrogance over to France. France, which led the first Crusade, is now leading the war against Islam and the Muslims. They must taste the bitter retribution for their deeds….What brought France to Mali? Or America to Afghanistan and Iraq? Why don’t they let our nation be? Have we ever interfered in their affairs?

[…]…over one million [Muslims] in the West…were harmed by French and American policy. More than one million [Muslims] were born in the West… I do not know what they may do. The [Westerners] are facing a deluge, and they will be destroyed.

Interviewer: Destroyed?

Murgan Salem: There is no doubt about it. The U.S. has completely collapsed, even if they are not hurrying to admit it. The American debt has reached how many trillions of dollars? They have a huge debt. Now poverty is spreading throughout America.

I’m afraid this Salafi from Egypt has a much clearer grasp on the situation of the United States than Western academics and political leaders.

Some of the values the West espouses are good.  Many are very evil, like the slaughter of unborn babies, the destruction of the family and the consequent suffering caused to society by children who have not grown up in stable homes.  Or the consumerism which destroys our ability to see our lives as having any other purpose than the mindless pursuit of short-lived pleasures.  Or the manifest wickedness of the government insisting on giving sodomy public approval.  Once government can’t even recognize that as moral evil, it’s hard to imagine what evil won’t be approved.

And it’s not so hard to imagine how a group of people whose “amateurs” (as the salafi called the Boston bombers before anyone knew who theytsarnaevs were) can have a major American city locked down, and are willing to die throwing bombs and in a gunfight with police–it’s not so hard to imagine how such a people might ultimately be able to bring down or severely damage a nation more concerned with equality than reality, and more concerned with comfort than either of the above.  Look, we don’t have enough of a grasp on reality to be able to admit that women are less capable fighters than men, and that, beyond that, it’s cowardly, not progressive, to put women on the front lines. (For another perspective on this look here:

http://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/item/15012-women-in-combat-war-for-and-against-women   )

We can’t say in public that homosexuals can’t procreate and therefore can’t marry.  We can’t say or even suggest in polite society that maybe part of the reason everyone immediately assumed that the perpetrator of this crime in Boston would be a Muslim and not the fanatical Christian terrorists that the US Military Academy warned us about a few days before–maybe that’s not because we’re all inherently Islamophobic–maybe it has something to do with the nature of Islam!

We can say none of those things in our society.  Shhhhhhhhh.  Good Americans don’t say such things!

All right.  But girls don’t win wars against men who aren’t afraid to die, and homosexuals aren’t going to beget the next generation of Americans that are going to have to cope with a burgeoning Islamic population which appears to be more hostile toward us than at any time since the decline of the Ottoman Empire.  Homosexual marriages don’t keep civilizations going and women don’t win wars.

All of this said–as easy as it is to feel anger  toward the liars or fools who have nearly succeeded in their effort to completely destroy the last vestiges of native common sense in Americans–

the Church needs to pray for our country fervently, giving thanks to God for the great freedom we have enjoyed and still do enjoy.  It needs to be clear that we seek ” the welfare of the city” or the nation in which we live, even if we feel like captives.  If homosexual marriage becomes legal in our state, or they force the church to do homosexual weddings or else pay taxes, etc., etc., or they try to force us to pay for abortions–whatever it is, they should know that we still pray for them and seek their good and call this country our country, even though it seems like the days are not far away from us being told we are “un-American” because of our “intolerance.”

We ought to speak the truth about the ills of our society in love.  Because the truth is that if this Salafi is correct–and I think he is–we stand to suffer much more at the hands of Sharia than we do at President Obama’s hands, his attacks on the church notwithstanding.  At least presently.

Not only that, but it’s just necessary to the Church’s witness.  Even if actual injustice is done to us.  We may fight politically–we must, because we are citizens.   But we need to be at great pains to show people who attack us that we love them and seek their good in this world and above all in the life to come.

I’ve learned this as a pastor.  The more someone does you wrong, the more effort you have to make to be kind to them, so that they know that you don’t hate them, but you seek their salvation. Because the more they do you wrong, the more they expect you to hate them.  If you hate them, it gives them an excuse to hate you.  And if they are attacking you because they are afraid of the God you bear witness to, it is all the more necessary for them to see that God will be gracious to them.  And they will best see that when people they hate manifestly love them.

So may God have mercy on our country, on our president, on our legislators, and bless them.

May He have mercy on the media and others who constantly teach our children lies and who constantly work to make our adults children, and bless them.

May He turn us from the evil we have done, and turn evil from us.

May He grant that we repent and respond to His chastening and preserve us from enemies who would shed our blood.

May He forgive those groups and people in the country who oppose and harass His Church, and help us to be their servants for the sake of Christ and His love.

May He forgive and turn His Church from its lack of love and compassion to our nation.

Lord have mercy.  Christ have mercy.  Lord have mercy.  Amen.

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    I’ve very little to add here except to say that I heartily agree with this. If we don’t start telling ourselves the truth, we are going to be very sorry for it, I believe.

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