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Game of Thrones: “The Righteous Perisheth”

Sandor-Clegane-il-Mastino“Why Cheaters Never Lose In The Game of Thrones.”

An interesting reflection on the failure of theologies of glory reflected in Game of Thrones.  “No, Lord, this will never happen to you!”  Peter said it to Jesus.  How could the Righteous One be killed as a curse?  And we keep thinking the same way.  If we’re good, things will go well for us in the end.

And in Game of Thrones, like the real world, that doesn’t happen.  Everyone’s rooting for Ned Stark, and then suddenly he gets his head cut off.


Who has spoken and it came to pass unless the Lord has commanded it?

Is it not from the mouth of the most High that good and bad come? 

Why should a living man complain,

a man, about the punishment of his sins?

Let us test and examine our ways,

and return to the Lord!

Lamentations 3:37-40

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