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Prayer of Thanksgiving for the Protection of the Holy Angels

Early life of Christ in the Bowyer Bible print...

Early life of Christ in the Bowyer Bible print 1 of 21. annunciation to Mary. Durer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

441.  Thanksgiving for the Protection of the Holy Angels


Johann Arndt (1555-1621)

Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz


Faithful God, Who loves, protects, and preserves the human race!  Lord of Hosts, before Whom stand thousands upon thousands and Whom hundreds of thousands serve!  Through You all things were created, visible and invisible, thrones and dominions!  How You have loved mankind, so as to assign Your holy angels to guard us from childhood.  These humble, friendly, God-praising angels; these obedient, chaste, good spirits; these beautifully gleaming, heavenly flames of fire–these strong heroes– the host of God, the holy watchmen who encamp around us, who fear Your name, who continually stand before Your throne and gaze upon the face of our heavenly Father!


You have revealed many of their names, such as: the archangel Gabriel, whose name means “God’s Power”; Michael, that is, “Who is like God?”; Raphael, “God’s Physician.”  With these holy angels You protect the three estates You have ordained on earth.


The archangel Gabriel, who stands before God, brought God’s greeting to the Virgin Mary and made known to the holy priest Zechariah the birth of John the Baptist.  He revealed to the holy prophet Daniel the time of the appearing of the Messiah.  He is the glorious angel of the estate of the Church.


The high prince Michael is the angel of the estate of government, the angel of rulers and protectors. who protects authorities and the nation, and also contends on behalf of the people of God.


And the angel Raphael has been ordained as the angel of the household estate, to chain up Asmodeus and the demons who attack marriage and family life in the desert.


O dear, faithful God, what is man, that you so highly regard him?  I give you eternal praise and thanks for this great generosity, that you have sent these ministering spirits to serve those who shall inherit eternal blessedness and salvation, and I beseech You to command your angels concerning me to guard me in all my ways, that they may lift me up in their hands, that I might not strike my foot against a stone, and that I might trample the lion and the adder, and tread upon the young lion and the dragon.  Drive from me all wicked spirits, which are liars and murderers from the beginning.  Guard me against their ferocity and rage, and their lies and blasphemies, from their poison and deceit, that they may not sow their weeds among the wheat in my heart.  Hinder the lying spirits in the mouths of all false prophets in the estate of the Church, and the spirit of murder in all tyrants in the estate of the government, and the spirit of haughtiness and stinginess in the household estate.  Let Your holy angels always accompany me, like Jacob.  Let them protect me, like they did the prophet Elisha, with fiery chariots and steeds.  Let them bring me bread and water, like they did for Elijah—that is, counsel and comfort.  Let them be near me in my cross as they were with the three young men in the fiery furnace and as they were with the prophet Daniel in the lions den.  Let them rescue me out of all my distresses and lead me forth, as they did Lot out of the fire that came upon Sodom, and as they led Peter out of prison and Paul from the shipwreck.  Let my house and land, my children, and all I have, be preserved by Your holy angels, as was the house of Job, so that the enemy cannot find any way to enter.  Grant me to live in Your fear and to love Your Word and Gospel, into which the angels themselves long to look.  Let true repentance be in my heart, so that Your angels may rejoice over me in heaven.  Ignite my heart to ardent prayer and praise of Your name, so that I might carry out the office of an angel, singing with them, “Holy, Holy, Holy is God, the Lord Sabaoth.”  And at last let your angels also carry my soul to the bosom of Abraham. Make me in the resurrection on that day like Your holy angels, that I enjoy their company forever.  Amen.

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