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Prayer for the Church. Gebets-Schatz

georg schimmerPrayer for the Church

Lord, merciful and gracious God, because only those enjoy the goodness of Your house and are citizens of Your kingdom who were built on the foundation of the prophets and apostles, with Jesus Christ as the chief cornerstone, and because You bless with grace only those who walk in Your light, therefore I pray You: Let Your word create it that here and there there is a crowd that hears the voice of Christ and listens to Your Word, that is everywhere one and holds to the commandments of God and the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ.  By Your Word may the believing community grow and increase more and more, and the chariots of God be many thousands of thousands, which enter the gates of righteousness to live in Your house, and therefore depart from unrighteousness, serving You alone in holiness and righteousness, as is pleasing to You.  O Lord Jesus Christ, You who are the author and perfecter of faith, and mighty in the assembly of the saints, rule through Your inward grace in the hearts of men, so that they are converted to You.  Give to Your thunder, that is, to the preaching of Your Word, power.  Let it succeed in that for which You send it.  Enlighten and strengthen the hearts of men that they may not cut themselves off from your congregation, but rather would rejoice in the midst of the throng where Your Word and Holy Sacraments are repeated and distributed pure and unfalsified.  Even if it is a little flock, a poor, weak people, exposed to the elements and finding comfort almost nowhere in the world, still Your little flock shall not fear, because it is Your good pleasure to give it the kingdom of Your glory, and there to take away the reproach of the people, and to draw all those that have remained with you in Your trials, that they should eat and drink at Your table in Your kingdom and sit on thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.  Do not give rejoicing to the devil, who is the enemy of You and Your Word, who wherever He can causes offense so that Your Word may not be heard and believed.  Glorify Your name, that many souls be added to the number of the elect, which live in Your house and praise You there forever.  Amen.

Georg Schimmer, Pastor at Wittenberg (1652-1695), Biblical Soul-Jewel. 

In Evangelische Lutherische Gebets-Schatz

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