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Thanksgiving after the Reception of the Holy Supper

johann eichhorn 1565Yet another (thanksgiving after the reception of the Holy Supper.)

Johannes Eichorn 1511-1564

Lord Jesus Christ, to you be laud, honor, and thanks forever, here and in eternity, that you have so graciously quickened me, a poor, miserable sinner, with Your true body and blood.  I pray You from the bottom of my heart that You would now be and remain powerful within me, and regard and receive me, Your poor little worm, with gracious eyes.  Never again allow me to fall out of Your hands of grace. From henceforth so rule, lead, and guide me by Your Holy Spirit from in my calling and my whole life that I might not think, carry out, speak, or work anything against You, but instead at all times might look up to You, Your Word, and  Your holy will.  Even in the cross that you lay upon me grant me to be patient and willing and not murmur against You, nor against my neighbor, but instead let it remain as hard upon me as You make it and as it pleases You, while I await the gracious redemption and the eternal joy which you will give to all believers who trust in You and build upon You.  Help, Lord Jesus, that my faith be strong and firm within me, and preserve me in the true doctrine and confession of faith, in humility, patience, and hope, until my final breath, that I may laud and thank You here and in eternity, You who are, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit, true, almighty, eternal God, from eternity to eternity.  Amen, Lord Jesus!  Amen.

Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz

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