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Much of what you read on this blog I’m probably at least half serious about.  But not all of it. cropped-peter-sinks1.jpg

Initially I started this blog so I could rant and rave about the day of doom approaching  the Lutheran Church in America and Western civilization in general.

Also I intended to let my own blood about my frustrations, failures, and heartaches in the office of the ministry.

But I find now that soon after starting this blog I had something of a change of heart.   I started to think that the things I wanted to rant and rave about outside of me were not nearly as bad as the things within me.

I probably will continue to rage and rave about things, but I hope that more often on this blog I will come clean and come into the deep waters where God sees me.

See how utterly God overthrows that which is lofty! And yet we rage and rant for nothing but this empty honor, as [if?] we had no honor to seek in heaven; we continually step out of God’s sight, so that he may not see us in the depths, into which he alone looks.
Martin Luther, Sermon on Christmas Day, Wartburg Church Postil (1521-1522)

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