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Bill Cosby is Innocent

November 24, 2014 3 comments

cosbyOurs is an era which craves monsters, which needs demons we can all rail against in an attempt to drum up a feeling of collective moral purpose, however fleeting it might prove. And the pesky exacting standards of the justice system – which are exacting precisely because we used to take very seriously the process of ruining someone’s life by finding him guilty of a crime – get in the way of this desire to find a symbol of evil we can all be disgusted by.

from “Bill Cosby is Innocent“, Spiked Magazine.


Where does this desire in our society to burn witches and create new pariahs come from?  At the same time every conceivable form of perversity is paraded across the media, we have this shrill mob justice that assumes every accused person who doesn’t carry sufficient victim status credentials is guilty.

He may be guilty, but shouldn’t he get a trial before his reputation is destroyed?

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