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Prayer of a preacher after the Sermon….Luther

August 27, 2012 4 comments

196.  Prayer of a Preacher after the Sermon.

 (Gebets Schatz)

Oh, You true Son of God, You who have spoken from eternity and into eternity: I, a poor servant [minister?] have at Your command sown Your Word, and given out to my beloved spiritual children [parish-children; Pfarrkindern] what you have taken, broken, and given to me.  Now I pray You, my dear Lord Jesus, that You would give to Your thunder, Your Word, great might, and confirm in my lambs what You have worked in them through me.  Speak prosperity to my planting and watering, that my congregation and I may bring forth much and abiding fruit together, and Your Word grow in us and accrue interest.  Seal, O Lord, Your Word in their hearts, that Your name may be hallowed, and I, investing my little talent, may win many souls to You, and bring them with me before Your face, when You will give the crown that does not fade away to faithful teachers and diligent hearers. We confess that without Your Spirit and blessing all our pains and work are in vain.  Therefore unlock their hearts, and keep Your Word in them, that no fear, distress, nor all the demons can tear away again that which You powerfully and effectively work through Your office of preaching.  Gather to You through Your Word proclaimed by human mouths an everlasting Church from all nations, which will praise and laud You into all eternity, with Your Father and Spirit.  Amen, dear Lord Jesus!  Amen.  Martin Luther (1483-1546)  

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