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God is the Great Philanthropist

September 3, 2014 Leave a comment

…how far the divine mercy, revealed in Scripture, transcends the pagan conception.  Cicero: “Misericordia (mercy) means to be touched by the misery of one who suffers injustice.  For no one is moved to pity by the supplications of a parricide or traitor.” (Tusc. IV, p. 8.)  God, however, is merciful to those who deserve their sufferings.

…God is the greatest Philanthropist.  Titus 3:4: “But after that the kindness and love (philanthropia) of God, our Savior, toward man appeared.”  Luther remarks on this passage: “This philanthropia, love of mankind, embraces all that is called man, no matter how lowly he is…Naturalists call some animals lovers of men, as, for instance, the dog, the horse, the dolphin; for these animals have a natural fondness for me, adapt themselves to them, and serve them gladly, etc.  Such a disposition the Apostle attributes here to our God.”

God’s benevolence or kindness is the opposite of His severity and strictness…It expresses the thought that God does not deal with us as a severe judge, but as a kind lord…Luther: “[Kindness] implies that friendly, lovely course of conduct which renders an individual attractive to all and makes his society so sweet as to move everyone to love and affection.  Such an individual bears with all men, has no disposition to neglect or repel anyone in a harsh, uncouth manner.  Thus God presents Himself in the Gospel to us in a manner altogether lovely and friendly, adapts Himself to all, rejects no one, passes over all our defects, and repels no one with severity.”


Franz Pieper Christian Dogmatics vol. 2 pp. 8-9.

Mother Kills Her Baby, Considers Prayers For Her “Threatening”

The world can’t be upside down forever? Where will people go when they get sick of having their hand held while they kill themselves? Probably not to the people who were holding their hands or doing something other than vigorously warning them.

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You couldn’t make this up. 

A young Feminazi mother has the satanic idea of posting on the Internet material (allegedly) concerning the murder of her own baby.

The horror finds an echo on pro-life sites, and as a result the young she-Himmler starts to receive emails of various kind; many of them, no doubt, explaining to her in detail what kind of  person she is, and whereto she is headed. These she calls “hate mails” and up to here, we can call this ordinary liberal madness.

Where the liberal madness becomes extraordinary is in the following affirmation of the young Nazi murderer, here given in the context of the interview. Emphases mine:

She noted the content of numerous “hate” e-mails was some variant of the message: “Maybe you do not know God or that abortion is a sin? Praying for you!”

Even hearing that someone is ‘praying for me,’…

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