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Prayer When A Comet or Other Strange Signs Appear in the Heavens. Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz

eclipse.jpgfrom Evangelische Lutherischer Gebets-Schatz (Concordia, 1881-15th Ed.)

386.  Prayer When a Comet or Other Strange Signs Become Visible in the Heavens

(from Michael Cubach’s Grosses und vollkommnes Gebetbuch [1655])

Great God, You do wonders in heaven about and on the earth beneath.  You number the stars and give them all their names, and do marvelous things that are past searching out.  O hidden God, You who made the eye, open our eyes, that we may behold this present wondrous sign with amazement, and consider that it has not happened by chance, but through Your divine providence, to terrify the godless and to comfort the pious.  O Lord Jesus Christ, through this sign we are reminded of Your return and our promised redemption, that the last day is at the door.  O God the Holy Spirit, since the signs in the heavens preach repentance to us, help us, that through such signs we remember our sins and amend our lives in accordance with them, through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

386.  Gebet, wenn ein Comet oder andere wunderlich Zechen am Himmel sichtbar werden.

Großer Gott, du thust Wunder oben im Himmel und unten auf Erden, du zählest die Sterne und nennest sie alle mit Namen, und thust große Dinge, die nicht zu forschen sind.  O verborgener Gott, der du das Auge gemacht hast, öffne uns die Augen, daß wir das gegenwärtige Wunderzeichen am Himmel mit Verwunderung ansehen, und bedenken, daß es nicht ohngefähr, sondern durch deine göttliche Vorsehung geschehe, die Gottlosen zu schrecken und die Frommen zu trösten.  O Herr Jesu Christe, hierdurch werden wir deiner Zukunft erinnert und unserer Erlösung vertröstet, daß der jüngste Tag vor der Thür sei.  O Gott Heiliger Geist, weil die Zeichen des Himmels unsere Bußprediger sein, so hilf, daß wir uns unserer Sünden dadurch erinnern und nach solchen Zeichen uns bessern, durch Jesum Christum.  Amen.



Prayer of a Preacher for Himself and His Hearers

Prayer of a Preacher for Himself and his Hearers

J. Deucer

Eternal, almighty God, I heartily beseech You on behalf of all whom You have committed to my care of souls and intercession. Lend them Your grace and Holy Spirit, that they might savingly know You and Your beloved Son, daily increase in true faith, fear, and love, and in firm hope with a Christian, repentant life remain constantly in Your will and obedience until their blessed end. Grant also to me, O most holy God, that I may fruitfully light the way before them with pure doctrine, a good and edifying life, and befitting faithfulness in office. Grant that we all guard against false religion and an ungodly walk that we might attain eternal blessedness, through Jesus Christ, our only Mediator and Redeemer. Amen.

Lutheran Prayer-Treasury: Thursday Morning-Blessing

April 4, 2013 3 comments

man-praying-1883_jpg!Blog38.  Another Thursday Morning-Blessing

(Marburger Gesangbuch—Marburg Hymnal)

(From Evangelische Lutherischer Gebets-Schatz–Evangelical Lutheran Prayer Treasury)  (Prayer-Hoard!)

God Father, God Son, God Holy Spirit!  Highly-lauded Trinity!  I abandon myself to You, body and soul, from now to eternity, and from my heart proclaim Your praise and thanks, that you have not allowed the evil foe to harm me this night, but instead through the protection of Your blessed angels have kept me safe and sound.  With what shall I repay You?  How can I sufficiently praise You for this?  With regret and pain I will offer to you a distressed and battered heart, full of blood-red sins.  You will graciously receive it, and wash it white as snow with the noble blood of Your dear Son, my Redeemer.  You will conceal it in His holy, innocent wounds, and graciously give me the forgiveness of all my sins.  Help me also, that today and always I remain in Christian preparation [for death and judgment], so that I depart in blessedness and salvation, because I cannot know when you will come or how and where you will summon me.  Grant this to me, gracious God and Father, for the sake of Your dear Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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Prayers for the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Sundays after Trinity

October 12, 2012 2 comments

114.  Prayer on the Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity. Johann Eichorn (1511-1564) from Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz,  September 14, 2012

Lord God, heavenly Father! You allowed Your Son to become man so that first He might atone for our sins with His death, and afterwards bring us out of eternal death.  We pray You, therefore, preserve us in this hope, so that we may by no means doubt that just as our dear Lord Christ woke up the widow of Nain’s son through His Word, that He will wake us up in the same way on the last day, and give us eternal blessedness.  Amen.

115.  Prayer on the Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity.

Lord God, heavenly Father!  We pray that You would so govern and lead us through Your Holy Spirit, that we would keep ourselves in Your fear, and not become haughty, but rightly keep the Sabbath day holy by hearing and receiving Your Word with our whole heart, so that we too might be made holy.  Sanctify us therefore, so that first of all we place all our trust and hope in Your Son, Jesus Christ, that He is alone is our righteousness and redemption; and afterward that we also improve our life according to Your Word.  Protect us from all causes of offense, until, by Your grace, we come to everlasting blessedness.  Amen.

116.  Prayer on the 18th Sunday after Trinity.


O Lord God, heavenly Father!  We are truly poor, miserable sinners.  We know Your will, but we are much too weak and cannot fulfill it; Flesh and blood is too strong. In addition, our enemy the devil constantly stirs the pot and never allows us to be content.  Therefore we pray that You would pour out Your Holy Spirit in our hearts, that we may abide in firm faith in your son, Jesus Christ, comfort ourselves with His death and dying, believe in the full forgiveness of all sins through Him, and so live holy lives here on earth according to Your will and in obedience to You, and in Your grace through Jesus Christ die a blessed death.  Amen.


117.  Prayer on the 19th Sunday after Trinity.

Almighty, eternal God, You graciously let the paralyzed man be delivered in body and soul by Your Son, Jesus Christ.  I pray You of Your bottomless mercy: be gracious to me also.  Strengthen my faith through Your Word and Holy Spirit, and lead me, so that I do not cause sickness and other misfortune to come upon me and my neighbors through sin, but that I would instead keep myself in Your fear, and thus be free of temporal and eternal punishment.  Amen.  Johannes Eichorn (1511-1564)




Prayer in Great Affliction and Danger. Luther

September 4, 2012 5 comments

Ev. Luth. Gebets-Schatz #421.  [Another] Prayer in Great Affliction and Danger  Martin Luther(1483-1546)


I know for certain that our Lord God still heartily loves me, even though I sink in the mire of this great affliction and distress, and cannot see how I could possibly be helped.  Yet I commend it to my dear God.  Even now in this misery He looks upon me as a mother looks on her little child which she has carried in her womb, under her heart.  He will create good and blessing out of this suffering.   So I will pray to Him and firmly believe Him that He hears me and will deliver me.  For when the righteous cry, the Lord hears them and saves them out of all their troubles. Psalm 34:17  Amen.

Prayer during Satan’s Lynchings

July 6, 2012 5 comments

397.  Prayer during Satan’s Lynchings (Anfechtungen)

–Sigismund Schererz, (1584-1639), Superintendent of Lüneberg, Germany. 

From his book Seelen-Arznei und Spiegel der geistlichen Anfechtungen.  (Soul-Medicine and Mirror of Spiritual Lynchings/ Assaults/ Trials)

Oh Lord, how many are my spiritual foes, who set themselves against me!  They say to my soul that it has no help in You [Psalm 3:1-2].  Rescue me; and thus I will not be afraid of many hundreds of thousands of wicked spirits which desire to frighten my soul [Psalm 3:6].  In You, Lord, I trust; let me not be put to shame, and deliver me, so that my pursuer the devil must turn back and not seize my soul like a lion and tear it into pieces, while there is none to deliver [Psalm 7:1-2].  Lord Christ, arouse yourself because of the rage of my enemies, who have dug a pit for me [Ps. 7:15] so that I might rot in it.  Look upon my misery, and lift me up from the gates of death that I may show forth Your praise [Psalm 9:13-14] and so that the ancient serpent might be cast into hell [Revelation 20:2-3].


Lord, hide not Yourself from me, because the evil spirit deals presumptuously with me, he lies in

Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas, ...

Illustration of the Devil in the Codex Gigas, folio 270 recto (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wait for me like a lion in his den, and plots wicked tricks, that he might seize me [Ps. 10:2, 9]; he bends his bow and shoots his fiery darts secretly into my anguished heart [Ps. 11:2, Eph. 6:16].  Enlighten my eyes, so that I will not be blinded by the spirit of hell and die in my sins; do not let this enemy of mine  boast that he has mastered me, nor this adversary brag that I lie on my face beneath him [Ps. 13: 4].  He desires my soul like a lion his prey [Ps. 17:9], he stands against me and terrifies me.  O God, because of this, preserve me under the shadow of Your wings [Ps. 17:8].  Let me not be cheated by the  ancient, crafty serpent.  Preserve my soul, and deliver me [Psalm 25:20] ; when the evil spirits desire me, to devour me, so let them run at me and fall [Ps. 27: 2].  Hide me in Your pavilion against their wrath [Ps. 27:5].  Do not remain silent while I cry so fervently to you, lest I go down into hell [Ps. 28: 1] ; know my soul in this great anguish [Psalm 31: 7] and contend with those who contend against me [Ps. 35:1].  Say to my soul, “I am your salvation.” [Ps. 35: 3]  Let Satan become as the chaff before the wind, with the angel of the Lord chasing him away with blows [Ps. 35:5], because he intended to pierce my heart with sorrow.  May he be brought to ruin and destruction upon me.


Because You are my God and strength:


 e’en though the world with demons teems,

who’d feast themselves upon me,

their plots indeed shall not succeed

while you are standing with me.   


Lord, create peace in my soul, because the prince of this world stands against me.  God be gracious to me, because the evil spirit wants to sink me and declares war against me daily; get glory for yourself, and scatter my bodily and spiritual enemies.  Rebuke the devil, so that he flees from me.  O Christ, You good and faithful shepherd, Who redeemed me from the devil’s reign with Your precious blood, deliver my soul from the throat of the hellish wolf.  Let Your grace be my comfort; bring me out of the anguish of my heart.  Let Your good Spirit give me joy, that I may praise Your saving wonders and might thank You for Your deliverance.  Amen.


Pruefungsfragen: “Questions for Self-Examination”. First Commandment

June 28, 2012 6 comments


Moses and Elijah point the sinner looking for ...

Moses and Elijah point the sinner looking for God’s salvation to the cross to find it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are the “self-examination”  or “proving-questions” out of the Evangelische Lutherischer Gebets-Schatz published by Concordia in the 1800s.  What follows is the first commandment.  The gentleman who wrote them was a pastor, but I wasn’t able to find much biographical information.  I’m putting these questions in the bulletin for the next several months; then I hope I can put together a small book of prayers for our congregation.

280.  Self-examination Questions. 

Salomo Liscovius, German Lutheran Pastor (d. 1716)

First Commandment.


Holy and righteous God, You who see and hear everything, I come now before You to honestly examine my condition and to find out where I stand—whether I am on the road to damnation.  I am much too corrupt and my heart is far too false and deceitful for this; search me out Yourself, O God!  Test and search out how I am within, and allow me to recognize my condition in truth through Your Word and Spirit.


Have I often thought about You, You great Creator and Preserver, Redeemer and Sanctifier?   


Have I held Your will and commandments as the plumb line in what I have done and left undone, so that I always ask myself: Does God’s commandment permit this? 


Have I sometimes had detestable thoughts within me, such as: “Maybe there is no God?” 


Have I not worshipped many idols, exalting myself, following my will alone, and having sought only my own honor and pleasure? 


Haven’t I had a greater fear in the face other men than before God?   Haven’t I been more timid in their presence more than God’s presence, striving after their favor more than after God’s grace?

Haven’t I done out of love for man numerous things that I would not do out of love for God? 


Haven’t I put my trust in powerful friends and benefactors and in the favor of men? 


Has my heart found peace in temporal things—money, goods, honor—and thus not sought happiness and joy solely in the Eternal Good, from which all other good things come?


Have I sought the help of sorcerers [as well as occultists, mediums, fortune tellers, those who call on any kind of spirits, false gods, or saints to practice magic, cast spells, tell the future, or speak to the dead] or Satan’s aid, instead of having sought God’s help and aid?  Have I been more afraid of their might than of the power of God?


Have I rightly pictured to myself God’s omnipotence, His omnipresence, His righteousness and grace, so that I have been moved to a childlike fear toward Him?


Has my fear of God also brought forth its proper fruit, such as obedience, hatred of evil, remorse over sins, humility, patience, watchfulness, and the like? 


Have I striven to recognize God as the highest good and to love Him above all things?


Have I diligently pondered God’s perfection, majesty, kindness, compassion, might, riches, and favors to the end?


Has my love [toward God] come into being merely for sake of gaining temporal happiness and benefits?


Have I felt the fruits of the true love of God within me, such as hatred against sins, contempt for the world, patience, yearning for greater union with God, praise, thanksgiving, and joy?


How have I obtained my trust in God?  Is it a well-founded and childlike trust?


Have I based my trust on God’s goodness, truth, omnipotence, and promises?


Has this trust worked in me its proper fruit—such as hope, calmness, courage, and endurance?


How have I obtained my knowledge of God?  Is it a living or a dead knowledge?


Do I seek to increase in this knowledge?


Do I seriously guard myself against all errors [in doctrine?]


Are all my yearnings for God and His grace alone, or are there other things that come before Him?




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